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"Come as a lover, stay as a friend" by Rohaina Hassan

“Why are you friends with all of your ex lovers?” she asked.

We kept bumping into each other as we ran up the stairs. There was a couple across the mezzanine and we laughed at them. You told me to look up, up at the moon shining below on us. I realized that I’ve had a love affair with the moon, and you resuscitated it within me.

“I’m just really glad to be next to someone as beautiful as you right now,” he said.

You reclined your seat back, but hopped up to push the moonroof even farther back. You fell back and took a deep breath to look up at the night sky. We started making weird noises. My world felt like it was falling apart and you just held me. I was crying so hard I couldn’t breathe, I was gasp-crying. You made it okay.

“It scares me, all of it. I don’t have time to do everything,” he said.

I don’t remember any of our memories together anymore.

“There are no songs as beautiful as the music that fills my soul when I hear your voice. ” he said.

I went through your songs, and I realized you probably think of her when you listen to them.

“Will you sing to me?”

Come as a lover, stay as a friend.



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