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Sister As Mother by Ariana Mygatt

This is one of two ceramic sculptures that I made for my sister when she was pregnant with her second son last year. She had a lot of health complications throughout and after her first pregnancy resulting in the premature birth of my nephew. As a result of that experience, her second pregnancy was a subtly nerve-racking time for all of us. I wanted to create a vessel for her that clearly showed off the sort of strange and beautiful form that her body was becoming, but also reflect the anxiety and violence and fear that I think was an unsaid feeling we all had during those months. Fortunately, both boys are totally healthy and awesome today, love 'em to death.

My sister and I have always been really close, despite a 14 year age difference. When I was growing up, I loved and admired and yearned for her affection like a second mother. Now that I'm older, she's become more of a peer who I rely on for a lot. She's my sister and my mother and my best friend.



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