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Dear Mom by Rachel Davidson

Dear Mom,

Thinking back on our family trips together, more than the stressful plane rides and grand sightseeing destinations, I most vividly remember the little things. I wanted to reminisce about a few of them with you.

My current adventure, which has become yours and Dad's by extension, is exploring Japan. Temples are all well and good, but I think you like the clothing shops, katsudon, and Yoku Moku cookies the best. We will make sure your next visit is filled with all of those things. :)

We’ve also been to Hawaii many times, our second home. Thanks to your trips with friends before I was born, you’ve visited the most out of anyone I know. I always love our everyday ritual of picking up some Hawaiian Sun drinks at the ABC store, and carting our stuff to the beach in well-worn tote bags.

England was pretty great, too. I made you a sign for when I picked you and Dad up from the train station, and from there we walked through Cambridge’s old streets together. Tuckered out from all of our traveling, I definitely fell asleep on the long benches in at least one London museum.

It was hectic dragging our heavy suitcases to the hotel in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, but after that, you had your hair cut at the hip little salon near the Bastille, and we ate lots of raclette cheese, macarons and crepes!

In Rome, we stayed at a nice (and importantly air-conditioned!) hotel not far from this piazza. The most memorable meal, though, was when we'd had enough of pizza and pasta – “fooded out”, as our family would put it – and found an Irish pub for a change of pace.

College provided lots of opportunities to reunite in Southern California. I’ll never forget those stops on Foothill Blvd. to grab an obligatory In-N-Out burger before heading to Claremont in our rental car.

And of course, Vancouver holds the most memories for our family. We've driven this highway countless times, usually while listening to mix CDs (pop on yours, weird and obscure indie on mine). We might stop at Safeway for some groceries (and a DVD rental from Rogers, back in the day), or just head straight home.

Sights, sounds, tastes, smells – I think all kinds of experiences abroad are fun with friends, and best of all with family. And throughout these travels, you have taught me well not to take any of them for granted. Wherever we find ourselves next, I can’t wait to make more memories together!

Lots of love,




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