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Lost & Found: Raincoat Mix Dec. '15 by Becca Luce

*(link to playlist below!)

When I turned 10, I was sure that absolutely everyone must have noticed.The excitement was coming off of me like steam so I'm not sure they could've missed it anyway. Was it my brand new ear piercings? (HAH Mom and Dad you said I had to be ten to get my ears pierced and now I am!) I was almost done with the fifth grade and was feeling like a top dog at the elementary school so it certainly could have been that. Probably it was just a newfound sense of sophistication that only someone in the double digits could even begin to possess. In any case, I felt fairly certain that I would blend right into the cool older girl crowd at the Britney Spears concert. My dad had surprised me with tickets for him and I to see her "Oops!... I Did It Again" tour at The Forum; my very first concert and of all people - Britney! Obviously my parents could tell how mature I'd become since I'd turned 10 if they thought I could handle an actual stadium arena concert with Ms. Spears herself. Or maybe when you have a 5 year old sister who you constantly have to tell to "use her words" they just want to cut you a break.

Since I'd taken to almost exclusively wearing a red spaghetti strap tank top with red soccer shorts to school, my mom took me shopping at Limited Too to find an outfit. It should be noted that, to this day, I use the phrase "Limited Too" as a metaphor for the inevitable moment when I have a giant brain fart. Also to this day, my mom continues to use the anecdote of taking me to Limited Too for various shopping trips in order to entertain friends and family with recollections of the slack-jawed stupor that would come over me immediately upon entering. Which is why it's easy to believe I walked into the store and picked a red tank top with thicker straps and a red skirt with Chinese symbols to wear to the concert. My mom at least managed to get me out of the puffy gray Vans sneakers I insisted on wearing daily, despite the fact that I didn't know how to skate, and convinced me to wear some Rocket Dog flip flops. Though I'm still not convinced that was much of an upgrade. What I did know was that I'd spent the majority of my time in my room playing a total of three CD's all year (Britney, Hanson, and an OG Napster copy of the Spice Girls album that took 7 hours to download and burn) and this was the most important day of my life.



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