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Bubbly with Buble: a podcast by Mary Sette, Adey Debebe, and CJ Ballesteros!

We here at RAINCOAT are so happy to announce our new partnership with hilarious podcast Bubbly with Buble! We'll be featuring them on the mag and keeping you updated with all that's bubbly.

Bubbly with Buble is a comedy podcast founded by Adey Debebe, CJ Ballesteros, and Mary Sette. What started as several (somewhat drunken) late night rambling sessions between CJ, Mary and Adey about movies, TV, and the crooner magic of Michael's melodic voice, the three made the decision: Why not record these drunken conversations and share them with EVERYONE? Our mothers will love it! Since then they put out an episode every other week and their mothers think it's hilarious but perhaps not their brand of humor.

The hosts have voices and faces made for podcasting. Mary likes vagina jokes and likes them even more when recorded for the public. Adey rarely drinks but can get down with a glass of champagne. CJ knows how to ramble on about nothing in particular and on a podcast, his fellow hosts have no choice but to listen to him. Bubbly with Buble is a podcast dedicated to having a good time even when you're broke, staying weird, and hopefully having a glass of bubbly with Michael Buble. The three rag on each other and, more importantly, the rest of the world. It's irreverent and ridiculous all washed down with a sweet bottle of bubbly.

For fans of: Conspiracies, complaining, alcohol, being broke, killing life


Their latest episode, released December 21st: "Buble for my holidays. Bubbly for my reindeer." is out now, along with the rest of their archive! Click the episode name to tune in~~

Here is the link to the iTunes!

And their Facebook page:



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