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An Open Apology Letter To My Past Crushes by contributor

For every time I walked a little slower on the route I knew you took to class

for every not-so-subtle glance in your direction

for every ill-fated invitation I extended

I apologize from the bottom of my heart

which was filled with longing for you, for too long

Perhaps you were oblivious;

perhaps you knew, and carried on,

hoping my affection would simply fade

But I was shamefully shameless

bordering on delirious

because desire is the want of what you cannot have,

a slow burn in the dark that leaves you

with only ashes and silence

I know better now

so I’ll leave you alone,

free from my creeping shadow

But I hope that one day,

you read this and understand

my intentions were good

(just expressed clumsily)

and as I send this letter on the wind,

I wish you nothing but happiness ahead.



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