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"Same Blue Sky," a photo series by Rachel Davidson

I’ve been fortunate to see eleven countries in my life thus far, across North America, Europe and Asia. Leafing though my travel photos, I noticed that whether I was visiting for 24 hours or 17 years, I was consistently drawn to blue skies. Perhaps because no matter where we are, we gaze upward at the same celestial sphere; and just as the possibilities on this world are infinite, so too are those in the heavens. --Rachel

vancouver canada.jpg

Vancouver, Canada

sapporo japan.jpg

Sapporo, Japan

san francisco usa.jpg

San Francisco, USA

paris france.jpg

Paris, France

jiufen taiwan.jpg

Jiufen, Taiwan

florence italy.jpg

Florence, Italy

county antrim northern ireland.jpg

County Antrim, Northern Ireland

cambridge england.jpg

Cambridge, England

bavaria germany.jpg

Bavaria, Germany

barcelona spain.jpg

Barcelona, Spain

amsterdam holland.jpg

Amsterdam, Holland

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