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"Bae" by Eva Valenti

What could I say about you that Mark didn't say,

Belly-laughing at your moodiness and your chilly caprices in August

You're a deceptive beauty,

Your starry-eyed pilgrims find themselves shuddering at your shores, before them the remainders of a bread bowl soaking on a wire bistro table, awaiting seagulls,

The hastily acquired fleece bearing your name,

Gazing out over the pier into your gray depths, you can hear them murmur: we forgive you, we forgive you, we forgive you

What could I say about you that Maxime didn't say,

Bellies aching from laughter, propped up against grassy mounds,

We swim through you as if through a dream

Retreating for dinner at a friend's place; we are at home wherever we go

Tumbling down hills, we are all your children, youthful and crackling with your electricity

What could I say about you that Stephen didn't reverently sing,

A believer in the intoxicating triumph of your lights rising over rooftops or the bridge,

A grandeur requiring no self-consciousness despite being much tinier than that of your peers,

A sincerity that we all acquire the gift of expressing -

Nothing compares to coming home to you.



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