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"1995/2015" by Winona Bechtle

I'm fairly certain it is stitched on a pillow somewhere that life happens in all those in-between moments when you're not making massive decisions or submitting that confirmation of enrollment or accepting that job offer. So much happens so fast when you graduate from college that it's easy to see things as happening only from one benchmark to the next.

I recently discovered a folder of my father's photos that he took in 1995 when he was working as a photographer for the LA Times. He spent so much of his day out on assignment and oftentimes documenting incredibly stressful and tragic situations, and I know he found it to be a draining job. But this particular album is an album of in-between shots, of day to day life at work and with the people he called his friends after so many years there. The deliberateness behind film photography has always struck me as something almost silly in this day and age, but in a way that appeals to my more neo-luddite sensibilities. Since I started shooting on film again this year, I find myself often thinking of the intention of my actions and the moments I really want to remember, and they're usually the ones with my friends, on my commute, with my family, out a window, that I find most captivating and beautiful. Not the big ones, but the embroidered-pillow-in-between ones.

What follows are side by side photos of my father's work, along with some of my recent images. I think they're all very beautiful.



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