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"Robot/Autonomous" by Jennifer Jahncke

So I was working on this sort of odd self portrait project. It shows self portraits of two extreme sides of me: Robot-Jennifer and Autonomous-Jennifer.

Robot has dark, wet hair, pale skin, pale lips, big black eyes -- an all around lack of distinguishing features. Robot does what everyone expects of her. Robot tries not to draw attention to herself. Empty eyes.

Autonomous has loose, free hair, bright red lips, glowing eyes. Autonomous loves everyone. Autonomous expresses herself. Autonomous doesn't need the approval of others. Autonomous is comfortable with her flaws. Bright eyes.

Jennifer is neither fully Robot nor fully Autonomous -- she can't be. She is some combination of the two, with proportions fluctuating on the daily. This project is supposed to demonstrate how I am not any one thing and I am constantly in flux. Isn't everyone?

Isn't that beauty?



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