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"Scantily Clad"

I love nature. I love being naked. I love being naked in nature—au natural, if you will. If you haven’t tried it, you ought to. There is nothing quite like running around bare bottomed, feeling the wind in places you never intended, flapping in areas you didn’t know could move that way.

It started as a game. A game for a lover.

Step 1. Hike to a beautiful spot.

Step 2. Coerce a friend into taking picture(s) of your nude bod.

Step 3. Sift through dozens of pictures to find the one that best highlights your assets.

Step 4. Send picture to said lover.

Step 5. Wait for a response, hopefully containing an equally stripped pic.

Sexy! Mais OUI!! ;)

It has since manifested into so much more than a game. I do it with friends and lovers, and friends who are lovers, and lovers who are friends. It’s been two years of compiling a most magical, transcendent collection of photos. I have accumulated exactly 1,056 naked pictures of myself, my aforementioned lover, and so many wonderful, beautiful, curvy, sexy, dimpled, fantastic friends.

I encourage you all, playmates, classmates, soul mates, humans! Take pictures of your bodacious bods dancing in fields full of flowers. Make a calendar. Send them to your grandma. Keep them in a folder for nobody to see but yourself. Do what you will with the pictures, but do take them! How odd, wonderful and awkward it is to see your skin from every angle. How empowering it is to be so vulnerable and open. How hopeful I am that your day, your February, your 2015 is full of scantily clad experiences! Rock on with your bad selves.

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