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~ First, last, who cares ~ by Hamida Mitha

I was fleeting infatuation

A sort of numb intoxication

Like trying out a new hobby

And realizing it's not for you

I was an impulse buy

Shoppers guilt

I was marked fairly

90 days on the receipt.

I was the throw-away

Single use

Fast fashion

A # in the drive thru

I was a thrifted piece

Not worn enough to be vintage

Not bright enough to be new

I was the Monday blues

The first of the year,

A forgotten resolution

Another frown in the gym's mirror

A day off the calendar

A check on a to do list

A first, a last, a never again

But never ever a "see you again"

An eyebrow over plucked

Shit out of luck

Spilled milk

A Broken toy

No wifi

Snagged sweater

Paper cut

Tangled hair

Stubbed toe

Lazy day

Nothing real

Go away



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