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"Little Mouth" by Olivia Buntaine (album preview!!)

Rad//Lab is proud to present a secret surprise track (only available here!) from LA-based singer-songwriter Olivia Buntaine's soon-to-be-released album Eclipse!


"Little Mouth is not actually about someone with a little mouth. Her mouth is pretty big, actually. Little Mouth was a voice we used to do for each other where we scrunched up our mouths all tiny and said silly things in a high voice, mostly when the other was sad or scared. Little Mouth often came out when we got too stressed living in the world in between lovers and friends, pushing each other into sprinklers and pushing my hands through her hair, never experiencing a friendship so deep but feeling sore in our hearts from the new muscles we were exercising there. Little Mouth is for the secret smile times, the drunk times, the fighting-cause-you're-not-close-enough-to-kiss times. An anthem for secret friend-lovers who everyone knows about, played fitfully and dreamily on a ukulele.

Maybe it will never end if you never start, but we both know it already began."


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