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WEIRD HONEY with Annelise Stabenau

This is a column concerning feminist soundscaping, the occult, perception, and sensory modality. Weird Honey aims to probe questions and discourse regarding the role of women in sound, primitive reflexes, and attention ­induced sensations. It is an ongoing assemblage of videos, words, noises, intended to be listened to through headphones.

'GentleWhisper' is the arguable mother of ASMR. In this video, she chews gum in a parking lot while holding a crystal, gently whispering about the first time she ever tried explaining ASMR’s tinging sensation to anyone. What makes you tingle? What sounds stimulate you in a pleasurable way? What is their context in your psyche?

Here is Yoko Ono mesmerizing over 25,000 people on stage in 1969. What noises do you hear women making everyday? What occurs when these norms are broken? What sounds are women capable of making? What is your guttural modality?

In this video, Mariah Carey belts out some pretty special sounds, too; challenging preconceived notions of what the human voice was capable of. What is she fantasizing about and why is that clown always so menacing? You come and you take me. On and on and on.



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